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Slow Data Iteration is Holding You Back
Currently, as data iteration processes are scattered across systems, each dataflow process requires large manual scripts and format adjustments. An iteration cycle often amounts to months and hinders model iteration in turn.
Break Data Silos and Iterate Data Efficiently
A Unified Data Iteration Platform
Host all your metadata, annotation, predictions and evaluation information in one place. Spend less time on unnecessary hassles and improve productivity.
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Workflow Automation
Graviti’s Action lets you customize and automate data flow processes with freely configurable triggers to achieve efficient data iteration.
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Integrate Your Own Pipeline
Our SDKs allow you to leverage, upload, and read datasets in a way that integrates with your workflows, such as model training and model evaluation.
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Various Applications
Graviti seamlessly integrates your data management with various Apps to assist your data workflows, including labeling, model evaluation, etc., all ready to use out of the box.
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More Solutions
Identify Valuable Data
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Version Control and Collaboration
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