Born for AI Developers
Graviti focuses on solving data problems in AI development. From Open Datasets to Tensor Bay, you can easily acquire, host, and use data in the cloud and build AI world together with your team.
As an expert in unstructured data management, TensorBay provides services like data hosting, version management, online visualization, and data collaboration. You can also integrate data and work with it through developer tools online.
Data Hosting
Manage data in various formats, scenarios, and industries in TensorBay
Version Management
Release and switch data version flexibly, and trace back the iteration by version visualization
Data Visualization
Realize data visualization of mainstream annotation types, and control data details in advance
Data Collaboration
Achieve seamless collaboration with your team based on the separation of data management and data use
Developer Support
Manage and use data directly through developer tools that integrated with your Pipeline efficiently in various application scenarios
Open Datasets
We provide a community of open datasets for AI developers. Here you can enjoy massive high-quality open datasets, sound data hosting, and online dataset use.
1000+ High-quality Open Datasets
30+ application scenarios, 20+ annotation types, and 10+ data formats
Free Access
Acquire and use datasets swiftly to enhance AI development
Convenient Use of Cloud Service
Data can be read in the cloud without downloading through developer tools.
Our Supporters
Phairy Wu
Sequoia Capital China Investment Partners
Yi Pin Ng
Founding Partner of Yunqi Capital
Emma Yin
Investment Director of Zhen Fund
John Wu
Founding Partner of Fenghe Investment
Sequoia has devoted itself to searching and nurturing "future Unicorn " of the industry for many years. We believe that the opportunities for AI spiral upward, and the next wave of improvement comes from the supply side of the data. Graviti builds its foundation on unstructured data services for AI, which is the key to accelerate AI and further make the world a better place. They use innovative technologies to revolutionize data production and management so that more creative individuals and enterprise can truly use the tool of AI. I hope Graviti sticks to its mission, and continuously innovates towards excellence.
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