Built for AI Developers
Graviti accelerates AI development for developers by identifying and solving pain points around data. Easily search and acquire datasets on Graviti Open Datasets; host, use, and manage datasets on TensorBay. Get started and build an AI ecosystem with your team!
As a platform for unstructured data management, TensorBay provides services in data hosting, version control, data visualization, and collaboration. You can also integrate TensorBay into your own pipeline using developer tools.
Data Hosting
Host and manage various datasets in the cloud. Find new insights across data from different formats, scenarios and industries
Version Control
View different dataset versions, track version iterations, and capture the relationships among dependent versions with visualization widgets
Data Visualization
Realize real-time online visualization of raw data, attributes, annotations, and distribution
Effortlessly collaborate with your team with access control
Developer Tools
Access and use the data in your pipeline with developer tools such as CLI, SDK, and API
Open Datasets
We are committed to fostering an open dataset community where everyone can acquire, use, and manage massive high-quality open datasets in the cloud.
1000+ High-quality Open Datasets
Choose from 50+ application scenarios, 30+ annotation types, and 10+ data formats
Free Access
Acquire and use datasets swiftly to enhance AI development
Convenient Use in the Cloud
Access and manage datasets in the cloud with developer tools
Vision from Our Investors
Phairy Wu
Sequoia Capital China Investment Partners
Yi Pin Ng
Founding Partner of Yunqi Capital
Emma Yin
Investment Director of Zhen Fund
John Wu
Founding Partner of Fenghe Investment
For years, Sequoia Capital has devoted itself to searching and nurturing the future “Unicorns” in industry. We believe that opportunities in AI will continue to grow, and the next wave of evolution will come from the supply side of data. Graviti has built its foundation on unstructured data services, which is key to ensuring long-term growth in the AI industry. Graviti uses innovative technologies to revolutionize data acquisition and management, empower more individuals and enterprises to explore the value of AI. We are confident Graviti will stay true to its mission of empowering users through continual innovation.
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