Put all your data at a single location
for better searchability and usability
Data scatters in different systems in most companies, which makes querying them jointly impossible. When working with unstructured data and other types of data associated, without proper standards to organize them, countless hours are spent writing transformation scripts to make the data searchable and usable.
Break Data Silos to Unleash Data Potential
Customizable filters
Query data with customizable filters. Apply the filters to any metadata and semantic data.
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Expandable columns
New columns can be added to the datasets when processing data, such as labels, evaluation results and more custom fields.The columns are indexed and can be queried through filters.
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Interactive visualization
Interactive data visualization widgets are compatible with major formats for both data and annotations. Understand your data by checking statistics of the overall dataset with one click.
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Explore more use cases
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Workflow Automation
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