Centralized Cloud Data Management
We unify the process of data management on cloud with datasets as the basic management unit, making your data discovery and access more efficient
Scattered data storage makes it extremely difficult to discover valuable datasets
Unable to directly access other members' data. Data replication and file transmission are time-consuming, and data storage is redundant
Unified data storage on cloud
Search and discover team datasets with convenience
Direct access and manipulation save time without data replication
Centralized Cloud Data Management-before
Centralized Cloud Data Management-after
Unified Dataset Management
Managing datasets in the folder structure is abandoned. Now you can manage the raw data, annotations, and metadata in a unified way so that the complex data relationship becomes clear. Any required information can be conveniently accessed via developer tools
Managing complex data relations with a file structure requires a lot of codes to achieve data management and usage
Managing data in a unified way with datasets can provide consistent data relations and reduce the coding time substantially
Unified Dataset Management-before
Unified Dataset Management-after
Consistent Data Annotation Formats
Standardize mainstream annotation tasks with consistent annotation formats, making the management, query, access, merging, and other operations on annotations more convenient
No consistent standards for the same type of annotations, and it takes a lot of time to understand the data format and coding conversion
Unified annotation format can ease your concerns about annotation storage. With our tool, you can access the annotations from different datasets without format conversion
Consistent Data Annotation Formats-before
Consistent Data Annotation Formats-after
how it works
How It Works
how it works
On Graviti Data Platform, you can create datasets in a variety of ways. You can upload and manage data on our webpage, authenticate existing cloud storage, or use developer tools. You can also manage every change of your data through Commit. Online visualization widgets allow you to grasp all details of your data in real-time
Creating datasets with ease and flexibility is the first step to start data management
Upload data from local, via developer tools, or through cloud storage authentication
Commit a data version at any time, and the complete record of data iteration is documented
Access and view data details with online visualization widgets directly and clearly
Create by Filter & Create by Merge
You can filter your data by filtering annotation information or metadata of the dataset and merge the results to quickly create a new dataset that meets your needs
Filter and merge datasets, Learn More
filter and merge
Information & Data Security
Graviti received ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification, an authoritative and mature international standard for information security management system. As an enterprise-level SaaS service provider, we always put security as our top priority
iso 27001 certifiediso 9001:2015 certified