Convenient Workflow Automation
Customize your workflows and radically accelerate your data processing.
Data operations used to be separated and made data processing a hard sledding.
Integrate multiple operations into one workflow to free yourself from redundant work.
Convenient Workflow Automation-before
Convenient Workflow Automation-after
Flexible Parameter Settings
Freely adjust your workflow’s instance configuration, runtime environment, and parameters.
In traditional workflows, parameters cannot be modified once they are set. Users have to create a new workflow just to adjust a few parameters.
Action supports editing parameters on the fly, enabling workflows to dynamically adapt to subtle changes in any parameter.
Flexible Parameter Settings-before
Flexible Parameter Settings-after
Easy Task Management
Track tasks in multiple dimensions and view detailed logs in seconds.
Users can only get an overview of workflow information from traditional workflows, such as the duration and results.
Action can provide you with detailed logs, including the running status of each node. In the case of anomalies, users can quickly locate the target node.
Easy Task Management-before
Easy Task Management-after
how it works
How It Works
how it works
On the Action page, you can customize your workflow by setting its trigger conditions, parameters, runtime environment, and YAML file. The parameters of each run can be viewed and edited, giving you insight into the details of each run.
Select a Dataset
Select a Dataset
Select a dataset in Graviti Data Platform
Create a Workflow
Create a Workflow
Customize your workflow on the Action page
Run the Workflow
Run the Workflow
Run the workflow you just created
View Run Details
View Run Details
You can view or edit workflow parameters on the Run Details page