Efficient Data Discovery
Cloud Storage, Collaborative Usage, Easy Sharing
Team data storage is scattered, making it difficult to find the data you need
Members can quickly discover the datasets they need with key information
Efficient Data Discovery-before
Efficient Data Discovery-after
Precise Control of Dataset Permissions
Precise control of the permission assignment on the dataset level. Allocate the access rights to members on an ad-hoc basis
The traditional folder-type permission control makes it difficult to meet the requirements of fine permission management and exposes a high risk of accessing the data
Advanced permission management on the level of dataset and the separation of permissions on viewing, editing, using, and managing data guarantee data access security
Precise Control of Dataset Permissions-before
Precise Control of Dataset Permissions-after
Complete Activity Records
The dataset activity logs are clearly visible for easy problem tracing and access tracking of the dataset
With traditional data storage, it's hard to acquire data editing and access records and unable to trace historical actions when misoperation occurs, resulting in a high risk of data security
Activity logs such as operations on and access to datasets are clearly visible
Real-time recording of user actions and dataset changes effectively ensures access security
Complete Activity Records-before
Complete Activity Records-after
how it works
How It Works
how it works
Flexible dataset permission control and secure data access help your team manage datasets collaboratively and efficiently
Create a Team
Create a Team
Create a team and manage your team data
Invite Team Members
Invite Team Members
Invite your team members via text message or email
Select Team Datasets
Select Team Datasets
Select the dataset you want to control the access
Invite Dataset Members
Invite Dataset Members
Invite team members to join the dataset and set the appropriate access permissions