Unstructured Data Management Platform
As a platform for unstructured data management, Graviti Data Platform provides services in data hosting, version control, data visualization, and collaboration. You can also integrate Graviti Data Platform into your own pipeline using developer tools.
Secure Data Hosting in the Cloud
Manage your raw data, metadata, annotations online, and streamline data hosting. Diverse annotation types are supported
  • Upload data locally or migrate data from your cloud to Graviti Data Platform. Upgrade your storage space anytime
  • Support mainstream data annotation types, such as Classification, Box, Polygon, Polyline, Cuboid, etc.
  • Handle datasets with complex structures, such as time-series datasets and fusion datasets
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Trackable Version Control
Track data versions swiftly without worrying about changes to your data
  • Publish, tag, and switch versions
  • Visualize dataset version iterations
  • Track every change and reference historical versions
  • Create new datasets from existing ones by splitting or merging without using extra storage space
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Real-time Online Data Visualization
Utilize visualization widgets that are compatible with common data formats and annotation types. Multiple previews of data distribution are provided without having to download the dataset or write code
  • Process image, video, and various lidar data types, such as .pnts, .pcd, .bin, .las, and .ply
  • Browse various types of annotations, such as Classification, 2D Box, 2D Polygon, 2D Polyline, and 3D Box
  • View the distribution of data labels and attributes in various presentations such as lists, histograms, pie charts, etc. to meet your preference
  • Embed our visualization widgets into your own page with just one line of code
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Efficient Collaboration for Development Teams
Sync and share data safely, avoid endless data replication and migration, and enhance collaboration efficiency
  • Search and view datasets within your team
  • Secure datasets with role-based access control
  • Request or approve access to datasets
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User-friendly Developer Tools
For rapid integration of your data and pipeline, Graviti provides developer tools including SDK, CLI, and API with specific documentation and use cases
  • Use PythonSDK and OpenAPI to create new datasets; upload, manage, and read data
  • Manage data with CLI (Command-line Interface)
  • View specific documentation and use cases
Efficient and Convenient Workflow Automation
Build workflows by yourself. You can integrate pre-annotation, data filtering, and other operations into one workflow. Workflows can be triggered automatically by Commit or manual operation. Efficient data processing comes at your fingertips.
  • Customize data processing workflows
  • Support workflow version control
  • Adjust your workflows flexibly: the name, instance configuration, environment parameters, and the YAML file of workflows can all be edited at any time.
  • Gain insight into the details of your workflows. The running time and effective time of each workflow and of each server are all displayed on the Run Details page.
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Applications and Services
Integrate more applications and services into your pipeline to accelerate AI development
  • GroundTruth Tools: collaboration tools for data annotation
  • More applications and services will be available soon...please stay tuned!
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