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The Fast-evolving AI Industry vs. Outdated Collaboration Tools
At the moment, AI companies still manage massive unstructured data with a file-based system. Previous data versions are impossible to track or collaborate on as teams grow. The AI industry is in full swing today, but its data infrastructure simply hasn’t caught up.
Version Control and Collaboration with a Git-like Structure
Collaboration with Role-based Access Control
Role-based access control separates permissions for viewing, using, and editing data, improving collaboration efficiency. Enhance security with complete access records.
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Clear and Trackable Versioning
Utilize a Git-like structure to manage data versions to help you easily track data iterations, and link them with AI product iterations.
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Visualizing Version Differences
View annotation changes between different versions and compare annotations of the same image all in a couple of clicks.
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Data Synchronization within Your Team
Graviti's reliable cloud hosting service enables you to manage data in a unified way and can integrate with your diverse pipelines to ensure data synchronization within your team.
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Identify Valuable Data
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Automate Your Workflow
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