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Who is Graviti?
Our mission is to build the next-generation platform that enables AI to improve our lives. 

Graviti solves the industry's looming AI challenge: how to harness the power of AI applications using the overwhelming majority of data generated today. While software development over the last 20 years has focused on structured data, we are now accumulating unstructured data - videos, images, audio files - at a faster rate than ever before.

While structured data has been gradually managed, there is no centralized data platform for our unstructured data. Graviti is building the next generation data platform that will fundamentally change how developers interact with unstructured data. With Graviti, AI developers can acquire, store, and process data more quickly and easily - the foundation we need to leverage artificial intelligence to empower all industries.

Graviti’s pioneering technology was created for AI developers by an AI developer. Edward Cui, the company’s founder and a former machine learning expert within Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group, set out to build the kind of infrastructure and solutions he and other AI developers needed to complete critical projects with greater efficiency and reduced cost. 

“For a long time, scores of AI projects were held up by a general lack of high-quality data from real use cases,” Cui said. “Acquiring higher-quality data is paramount if AI development is to progress. To accomplish that, the segment requires disruptive new infrastructure that streamlines and simplifies the management of unstructured data. Supplying that infrastructure is Graviti’s mission.”
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