Convenient and Interactive Data Visualization
TensorBay's real-time online data visualization widgets are compatible with common data formats and annotation formats. With the distribution of annotations, attributes, and other information displayed in multiple ways, you can quickly grasp the details of the dataset and get prepared for model iteration with a high-quality dataset
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Versatile Online Data Visualization
Visualize mainstream annotation tasks of visual and audio data, display information of annotations and attributes, and view annotations of multi-sensor fusion data in automated driving scenarios
Get Insights from Data Visualization
Conveniently view the distribution of annotations and attributes in various styles, such as lists, histograms, and pie charts. You can also enjoy an interactive distribution display of multi-level annotations
Widget-based Visualization Tools
Widget-based visualization tools allow you to easily share the widgets with others and embed the widgets into pages to fit a variety of application scenarios
Online Visualization of Mainstream Data Types and Annotation Information
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