Unstructured Data Management Expert
As an expert in unstructured data management, TensorBay provides services like data hosting, complex data version management, online data visualization, and data collaboration. TensorBay’s unified authority management makes your data sharing and collaborative use more secure. You can also integrate data and work with it through developer tools online.
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Secure and Reliable Data Hosting in the Cloud
Simplify the complexity: TensorBay not only supports data hosting in various formats, scenarios and industries, but also supports online management of raw data, annotated data, and Meta information.
  • Dynamic capacity expansion: support local upload and cloud data migration
  • Support the management of existing data through cloud service authorization
  • Support mainstream data annotation types, such as classification, 2D Box, 2D Polygon, 2D Polyline, and 3D Box
  • Support managing complex structure datasets, such as trace datasets, fusion datasets, etc.
Clear and Traceable Data Version Management
Support version management of raw data and annotated data. You can trace the versioning process of data swiftly
  • Support creating new data versions, switching data versions, and tagging data versions
  • Support visualization of version iteration
  • Support tracing every change through version history
  • Support the rapid creation of new datasets from existing datasets without increasing storage overhead
Real-time Online Data Visualization
A component-based real-time online data visualization tool that is compatible with mainstream row data formats and data annotation types. It supports multiple ways of viewing data in a distributed manner without downloading or writing code for data details
  • Support viewing mainstream picture and video data of various lidar types such as .pnts, .pcd, .bin, .las, .ply, etc.
  • Support viewing annotated data of mainstream¬¬ annotation types, such as classification, 2D Box, 2D Polygon, 2D Polyline, 3D Box, Tracking and 2D&3D Fusion
  • Support viewing label and attribute distributions of data in various styles such as lists, histograms, pie charts, etc.
  • Support sharing visual components, which can be embedded into your own page in one line of code
Data Collaboration for Development Teams
Support role-based access management, secure synchronization and sharing of data so as to avoid endless data replication & migration, and enhance team collaboration efficiency
  • Support viewing and retrieval of datasets in teamwork
  • Support independent management authority of dataset
  • Support application and authorization for dataset use
  • Support multi-role dataset use right management
User-friendly Developer Tools
Provide SDK, CLI and, OpenAPI development tools: sound documents and use cases can help your data quickly integrate with Pipeline
  • Support managing data through CLI (Command-line Interface)
  • Support creating, uploading, managing, and reading data through PythonSDK
  • Support creating, uploading, managing, and reading data through OpenAPI
  • Support sound documentation, use cases, and online problem feedback
Applications and Services
Integrate more applications and services to accelerate AI development
  • GroundTruth Tools: collaborative data annotation tool
  • GroundTruth Service: professional data annotation service
  • More applications and services will be available soon...please stay tuned!
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