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[PRODUCT] Release note 2022.01.24
Details of the latest release.
a day ago
[Ed's TALK] The genesis story behind Graviti and future development of open dataset platform
Edward Cui, the Founder & CEO of Graviti, shares his ideas about what Graviti Data Platform is and why it is needed for the future business and their data management.
3 days ago
[GENERAL] A quick guide to OCR with Transformer
This article will talk you through how to use Transformer to conduct simple optical character recognition (OCR) tasks with an English word-recognition dataset. You will learn how Transformer can be applied in CV tasks that are more complex than classification.
7 days ago
[GENERAL] How Contrastive Learning Changed the Landscape of Machine Learning
This blog dives into some of the recently proposed contrastive losses that have pushed the results of unsupervised learning to heights similar to supervised learning.
12 days ago
[Ed's TALK] Getting the Most from Unstructured Data
If you're analyzing only structured data, you're missing a wealth of insights. Enterprises start to struggle to mine the wealth of information contained in unstructured data. What are they doing right and wrong? In this blog, Edward Cui, founder of Graviti, shares his perspective in a Q&A with TDWI.
20 days ago
[GENERAL] 4 Up-to-Date Techniques for Image Data Augmentation
We are going to talk about the 4 unorthodox techniques that have been introduced in the deep learning era that have shown to be more than promising in improving image-related tasks such as classification, detection, and segmentation.
a month ago
[PRODUCT] Release note 2021.12.14
Details of the latest release.
a month ago
[EVENT] Project OpenBytes Kick-Off Virtual Event
A few speaker spots are available for Openbytes Kickoff Virtual Meeting on December 8th, 2021.
2 months ago
[PODCAST] Democratizing Unstructured Data at Scale
Machine learning applications require massive datasets, but it can be challenging to build and store large amounts of unstructured data.
2 months ago