Multi Light Source
License: CC BY-SA 4.0


  • Images of 24 multiple object scenes.
  • Each scene is taken under 18 multiple light source illumination scenarios, the illuminants are varying in dominant spectral colours, intensity and distance from the scene.
  • Spectral characteristics of the camera, illuminants sources and uniformly coloured object surfaces.
  • Pixel-by-pixel masks of uniformly coloured object surfaces for each scene.

We mainly address the realistic scenarios for evaluation of computational colour constancy algorithms, but also have aimed to make the data as general as possible for computational colour science and computer vision. Details have been published in: Multiple Light Source Dataset for Colour Research.
An overview of all 24 recorded MLS scenes is given on the figure below. img

Data Collection

Each scene was constructed inside a 60x60x60 cm softbox and illuminated from the outside. Illumination of each scene is varied in 18 configurations:


Each image of the scene is marked with a list of the turned-on light sources, which are ones of the following:

  • 2HAL are two halogen lights, installed at the distance about 1.2 m each; form the lighting close to embient,
  • DESK is a desktop lamp installed at 20 cm from the softbox,
  • LED-R025, LED-R050, LED-RG025, LED-BG025 etc is a 3-colored (red, green, blue) LED strip mounted at the top of softbox; the letters R, RG, GB or B indicates turned-on colored components of the LED-lapm, while the numbers 025, 050, 070 and 100 indicates the percentage of the emitting power.

Data Format

Folder Structure

├── 01
│   ├── 01_2HAL_DESK_LED-B025.{tif, png, jpg}
│   ├── 01_2HAL_DESK_LED-B050.{tif, png, jpg}
│   ├── 01_2HAL_DESK_LED-B075.{tif, png, jpg}
│   ├── 01_2HAL_DESK_LED-B100.{tif, png, jpg}
│   ├── 01_2HAL_DESK_LED-BG025.{tif, png, jpg}
│   ├── ...
│   ├── 01_2HAL_DESK.{tif, png, jpg}
│   └── 01_2HAL.{tif, png, jpg}
├── 02
│   ...
├── 03
│   ...


title={Multiple Light Source Dataset for Colour Research},
author={Smagina, Anna and Ershov, Egor and Grigoryev, Anton},
journal={arXiv preprint:1908.06126},


CC BY-SA 4.0

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