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Autonomous Driving
License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


A robust collection of raw sensor data.

Our autonomous vehicles are equipped with an in-house sensor suite that collects raw sensor data on other cars, pedestrians, traffic lights, and more. This dataset features the raw lidar and camera inputs collected by our autonomous fleet within a bounded geographic area. It includes:

  • 3D annotations.(1.3M)
  • lidar point clouds.(30K)
  • scenes at 60-90 minutes long.(350+)

Data Collection

Level 5’s in-house sensor suite



Our vehicles are equipped with 40 and 64-beam lidars on the roof and bumper. They have an Azimuth resolution of 0.2 degrees and jointly produce ~216,000 points at 10 Hz. Firing directions of all lidars are synchronized.



Our vehicles are also equipped with six 360° cameras built in-house. One long-focal camera points upward. Cameras are synchronized with the lidar so the beam is at the center of each camera’s field of view when images are captured.

Data Format

We use the familiar nuScenes format for our dataset to ensure compatibility with previous work. We’ve also customized the nuScenes devkit and included instructions on how to use it.


Please use the following citation when referencing the dataset:

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Data Summary
Point Cloud, Image,
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Lyft Level 5
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