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This dataset contains 2000 pose annotated images of mostly sports people gathered from Flickr using the tags shown above. The images have been scaled such that the most prominent person is roughly 150 pixels in length. Each image has been annotated with 14 joint locations. Left and right joints are consistently labelled from a person-centric viewpoint. Attributions and Flickr URLs for the original images can be found in the JPEG comment field of each image file.

Data Format

The ZIP archive contains images in two folders: images/ - containing the original images visualized/ - containing the images with poses visualized The file joints.mat is a MATLAB data file containing the joint annotations in a 3x14x2000 matrix called 'joints' with x and y locations and a binary value indicating the visbility of each joint. The ordering of the joints is as follows:

  1. Right ankle
  2. Right knee
  3. Right hip
  4. Left hip
  5. Left knee
  6. Left ankle
  7. Right wrist
  8. Right elbow
  9. Right shoulder
  10. Left shoulder
  11. Left elbow
  12. Left wrist
  13. Neck
  14. Head top


Please use the following citation when referencing the dataset:

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