The IIIT 5K-word
2D Box
OCR/Text Detection
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The IIIT 5K-word dataset is harvested from Google image search. Query words like billboards, signboard, house numbers, house name plates, movie posters were used to collect images. The dataset contains 5000 cropped word images from Scene Texts and born-digital images. The dataset is divided into train and test parts. This dataset can be used for large lexicon cropped word recognition. We also provide a lexicon of more than 0.5 million dictionary words with this dataset.


(Usage: Case insensitive small/medium/large lexicon cropped word recognition)

  1. Open Matlab

  2. Load testdata

  3. A structure testdata will be loaded. This structure has four fields. (a) ImgName The cropped word image name.

    (b) GroundTruth Specifies the ground truth text corresponding to the cropped word (c) smallLexi Contains a lexicon list of 50 words per image (referred to as small size lexicon in the paper) (d) mediumLexi Contains a lexicon list of 1000 words per image (the medium size lexicon)


If you use this dataset, please cite:

  author    = "Mishra, A. and Alahari, K. and Jawahar, C.~V.",
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