Halpe Full-Body Human Keypoints and HOI-Det
2D Keypoints
Pose Estimation
License: Unknown


Halpe is a joint project under AlphaPose and HAKE. It aims at pushing Human Understanding to the extreme. We provide detailed annotation of human keypoints, together with the human-object interaction trplets from HICO-DET. For each person, we annotate 136 keypoints in total, including head,face,body,hand and foot. Below we provide some samples of Halpe dataset.

Data Format

Keypoints format

We annotate 136 keypoints in total:

    //26 body keypoints
    {0,  "Nose"},
    {1,  "LEye"},
    {2,  "REye"},
    {3,  "LEar"},
    {4,  "REar"},
    {5,  "LShoulder"},
    {6,  "RShoulder"},
    {7,  "LElbow"},
    {8,  "RElbow"},
    {9,  "LWrist"},
    {10, "RWrist"},
    {11, "LHip"},
    {12, "RHip"},
    {13, "LKnee"},
    {14, "Rknee"},
    {15, "LAnkle"},
    {16, "RAnkle"},
    {17,  "Head"},
    {18,  "Neck"},
    {19,  "Hip"},
    {20, "LBigToe"},
    {21, "RBigToe"},
    {22, "LSmallToe"},
    {23, "RSmallToe"},
    {24, "LHeel"},
    {25, "RHeel"},
    {26-93, 68 Face Keypoints}
    //left hand
    {94-114, 21 Left Hand Keypoints}
    //right hand
    {115-135, 21 Right Hand Keypoints}


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