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Graviti for Autonomous Driving

Published at2022-03-31

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Autonomous driving competition has entered a new phase. Finding corning cases and building an efficient data cycle are recognized as the top priority in the industry. Graviti helps autonomous driving companies to win the competition better and faster.

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Data determines value, Fast iteration directs victory

Data challenges in autonomous driving

Difficulties in managing massive and complex data

Each vehicle collects TB level data per day, and the data types are different, which is too complicated to align and scale; the sensors configured on vehicles are different, and the data needs to be separated and processed independently.

High cost in data processing

With hundreds of data pipelines running every day, traditional task scheduling system is lack of granular orchestration and flexible management. Typical way of copying data wastes time, storage, and blocks team collaboration.

Low simulation efficiency

The data quality is low. As datasets are difficult to filter, split, merge, building scenarios become complexed, and lack of workflow automation, leading to a long simulation iteration cycle.

Graviti builds high-value scenarios database for your business

High-value scenarios database determines the ability of the autonomous driving system to cope with corner cases. Graviti data platform helps enterprises quickly extract corner cases such as rainy and snowy, fogggy, tunnel driving and road construction. Our product can customize the database and merge without copying, instantly querying complex scenarios and reviewing result to build a high-value scenario database.

Graviti helps you build an efficient data cycle

Graviti data platform builds a data infrastructure at scale for enterprises. It enables the entire workflow of the data lifecycle from sensor data collection at the vehicle end to data updating to the cloud with an end-to-end data loop of identifying high-value scenarios, data processing, model optimization, environment deployment and data iteration.

Saving 100 Hours Per Week for the ML Team

Head of perception algorithms at an autonomous driving company

"We currently use Graviti data platform on a high-frequency, from data hosting and version control to annotation tools. Graviti data platform can perfectly solve our pain points in data management, and can effectively manage data at scale through replicable workflows. When data is expanded, Graviti ensures that data is continuously updated."