Driver safety
Dual-camera dashcams are used to record critical events, AI developers use Graviti’s product to build models that identify important patterns such as driver distraction and causes of front facing accents.
Intelligent transportation
Intelligent recognition of vehicle and road condition information. Graviti empowers you to identify important traffic information to manage traffic and smooth city streets.
We help developers build models that conform to local law and regulation to filter content including face recognition, text recognition, and voice recognition.
Social networking
Through high precision, fast recognition, and high quality intelligent model system, it provides real-time interactive support for social networking.
Online courses
The real-time interactive classroom is constructed for online education through the real-time intelligent model system with high precision, fast recognition and high quality.
Native support for sliding maps (x, y, z) and WMS slice layers simplifies this process by creating and storing annotations directly on the source data.
Augmented reality and virtual reality are powered by highly accurate training and validation data. High quality data sets can be generated to meet all data label requirements, with sophisticated tools and strict quality assurance processes for a variety of AR/VR use cases.
Drones and aerial imagery
It provides powerful computer vision and highly accurate training data for mapping and generates high quality data sets that meet all data label requirements, sophisticated tools, and strict quality assurance.
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