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NFT Giveaway to Celebrate Community 2.0 Launch

Graviti AI Community Hello World,

To celebrate the launch of our Community 2.0, we are running a utility-enabled NFT giveaway campaign from May 7th. By completing a little machine learning-related task, you will be able to get an NFT designed for our fellow developers with future utility in the community. Remember, these are only available as a one-off, so hurry up while supplies last!

What's in for you

  1. Get the FIRST NFT designed for machine learning practitioners EVER at zero mint fee.

  2. Access to the utility came along with the NFT of using advance features in the community and being an early adopter of exclusive features on Graviti Data Platform (A big new feature will be releasd in late May! )

  3. The community has a mid-term roadmap of establishing a marketplace for data, model and application exchange. You will get a chance to get involved. (Imagine your projects get listed on the community's Marketplace. Super Rare NFT holders have a higher chance.)

Here's how

Complete any of the machine learning tasks below and get a utility-enabled NFT as your community avatar. 300 NFTs will be given out on a first come first serve basis; there will be no extra NFTs or exceptions!

The campaign will be on for one month starting from May 7th, 2022 or all of the NFTs have found a new home.

Approach 1

Complete a walk-through on a classic object detection task with an public dataset hosted by the community. Check out detailed instructions in Getting started with open datasets.

Approach 2

Post your original machine learning experience on Notebook and share it on Twitter and tag us @graviti_ai .

Approach 3 (Master Challenge)

Share your machine learning project on Notebook by forking community-hosted open datasets. By completing this task, you will receive a 1 of 30 Super Rare NFTs as the master avatar. No more and no less!

Easter Egg

Join our Discord server and stay tuned for a 24-hr flash giveaway!

Click HERE to get detailed instructions on all of the above tasks.

About Graviti AI Community

Since our inception in 2019, Graviti AI community has been devoted to making datasets more accessible and interoperable to AI developers, fostering a supportive community for building machine learning applications. As of now, we have 1,300+ datasets and 30K+ registered users globally. Through standardizing dataset formats, our community enables machine learning researchers and practitioners to easily upload datasets, folk open datasets, and easily train models with experimenting tools on datasets. This May, we are launching our Community 2.0 to broaden our scope from just datasets to machine learning models and applications, and more importantly, we are in a vision to advocate community-generated datasets, models and applications in a decentralized way.

Contact us

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Media Contact: Taylor

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