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The 5 Best Smartphone Life Hacks, Ever.


“A resourceful person see’s opportunity where others see obstacles.”- Garett Gunderson
Smartphones do make our lives convenient, but depending on how resourceful you are you can further amplify your convenience. Here are the top 5 innovative life hacks for your smartphone:

1. Charge your phone on airplane mode.
Need more charge power? Your phone uses no power on airplane mode thus helping your phone charge faster.

2. Paint your charger wire with glow in the dark paint.
For when you just can’t find your charger in the middle of the night.

3. Dropped your phone in water? Rice can help absorb the moisture.
The next time you drop your phone in water putting it in a zip lock along with rice and keeping it for 24 hrs might just help revive your Smartphone.


4. Use the ‘Smartphone in a cup’ trick to crank up the volume of your alarm.
Heavy sleeper? Putting your Smartphone in an empty glass helps amplify your alarm’s volume.

5. Use an empty toilet paper roll to turn up the bass.
Cut out an area just big enough to fit the bottom of your iPhone in the centre of a toilet paper roll to enhance your iPhone’s volume. (This hack is also applicable to other phones that have their speakers at the bottom)

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