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6 Simple Steps to Save Battery Power

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As long as there are smartphones there will be battery that don’t last a day. Smartphone technology is getting more and more advanced hence it needs more juice to run it on. In fact battery usage is the most common topic of complaint amongst smartphone users.

Try these 6 simple steps to save battery power.

1. Turn off wireless communication
Keep your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & GPS off when not in use.

2. Adjust your brightness
Adjust the brightness of your display. Lower the brightness, more is the power you save.

3. Worried by widgets
Disable unnecessary homescreen widgets and live wallpapers as they use a lot of your battery.

4. Be data smart
Turn off auto sync and disable background data to help your battery last longer.

5. App Attack!
Use a task manager to kill all unnecessary apps. These apps run in the background and drain your battery.

6. Disable Vibration
Disable your phones haptic feedback and try keeping it off vibrate mode as it uses a decent chunk of your battery.

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