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5 Useful UI Tips to Boost Your Smartphone’s Performance

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Smartphone User Interface(UI) is designed to make our lives as easy as possible. It allows us to decide when we want to be notified of calls and messages or lets us put our phones on silent mode when we don’t want to be annoyed. When we get a call and our busy with the swipe of a finger, we can avoid the call and choose to send a message stating why we can’t answer. We also get a list of options to choose our excuses. These are however the simpler UI functions that we all already know. There are many more UI features most of us aren’t well aware of. Here are a few tips that help optimize your Smartphone’s performance.

1. Manage your settings well and disable unnecessary notifications to avoid the constant frustration as well as save a little battery power.

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2. Create contact specific ringtones.
Just tap on Contacts > Edit Contact and choose a custom ringtone for that particular contact. ‪

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3. Take screenshots of your important online windows in case you have bad reception and need to keep accessing some important information online.

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4. In the Settings menu, select the option ‘Data Usage’ to find a graph which clearly depicts the data usage by all applications on your device. You can find the options to set warnings for data limits, set cycles for monitoring data usage and enable or disable data usage in your device. ‬


5. In case your Android phone is hung, you can simply reboot it instead of trying out other things and getting irritated by doing so. Just press Power Button + Home Key + Volume up button simultaneously.


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